Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Improve your chances of success and make quitting smoking easier…….NOW!

Anne Penman Laser Therapy (APLT) is a drug and nicotine free method to help you stop smoking and detox removing many of the dangerous chemicals that are loaded in a cigarette, poisons like arsenic, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde and the most dangerous of all nicotine. 

To help you beat the addiction and habit smoking creates we combine laser therapy, counselling and back up support.

We know success starts with the first step so for more information and motivation call your local APLT centre and start living a healthier, happier life for you and your family.

Don’t just take it for us, hear it from one of our successful quitters!

Valeree Brown – ‘a 5 star treatment’

‘I walked into the APLT clinic in Tucson, Arizona on 10/18/2007 and Anne's laser therapy not only changed my life it gave me my life back.  Not one minute of regret either.  And after a quick calculation I have saved 12,000 US Dollars on them!!!
You will love those forgotten deep breaths, smells of rain and flowers and the tastes of different foods.
Oh and this was after 35+ years of smoking!

So do it now!’
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Thursday, 13 August 2015


‘I tried all the usual stuff to help me quit,’ says Mary Ann Perrow, from the east coast of Scotland, ‘but it was a chance meeting with a guy at work one Friday who changed my life.

‘He told me he and his mate had quit when the smoking ban came into force – and they had got laser treatment.  When I got home that day I Googled it ……….and Anne Penman Laser Therapy was top of the list.

‘I read Anne's story, discovered there was a location near me in Fife – and emailed Christine Susans, who runs it, straight away.  I wanted to quit before my holiday to Las Vegas to celebrate my 50th birthday in June this year.

‘On the Monday I headed along to Christine's for my first session…… and haven't touched a cigarette since.  I’ve never even had the notion for one.  Pretty amazing for someone who smoked for the past 35 years!’

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Wednesday, 5 August 2015


For many new mums breastfeeding is a huge challenge without the added question of should a mother who smokes cigarettes breastfeed?

We know breastfeeding provides many immunities that help babies fight illness. It can help counteract some of the effects of cigarette smoke on your baby: for example, breastfeeding has been shown to decrease the negative effects of cigarette smoke on a baby’s lungs.

The more cigarettes you smoke, however, the greater the health risks for you and your baby. If you can’t stop smoking, or don’t want to stop smoking, it’s safer for your baby if you cut down on the number of cigarettes you smoke.

Researchers believe that not only does the nicotine transferred into mother’s milk upset baby but the passive smoke in the home acts as an irritant. Heavy smoking by breastfeeding mums occasionally causes symptoms in the breastfeeding baby such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps and diarrhoea.

That is certainly a good reason to stop but we know often that is easier said than done – even if you desperately want to for the sake of your baby.

Of course best of all is to stop altogether but if you are finding that impossible cut down. The less you smoke, the smaller the chance these difficulties will arise.

Don’t smoke immediately before or during breastfeeding. It will inhibit let-down and is dangerous to your baby.  If you are going to smoke go outside or into another room and do it immediately after breastfeeding to cut down on the amount of nicotine in your milk during nursing.

Wait as long as possible between smoking and nursing. It takes 95 minutes for half of the nicotine to be eliminated from your body.

We often get calls from new mums who are desperate to stop but concerned about using methods that contain drugs or nicotine.  

If you are seeking a nicotine free way to quit, try Anne Penman Laser Therapy – it’s PAIN free, DRUG free and NICOTINE free.