Monday, 27 August 2012


The phones have been ringing non-stop and the emails have been flooding in – all thanks to the Dundee Evening Telegraph and two of our successful quitters.

Sandra Finan from Dundee had a 30-a-day smoking habit and it was something she never imaged capable of breaking.

She had been a smoker for 45years since the age of 21 but as her health deteriorated she knew she had to try to stop despite trying many times with patches, gum, you name it.

However after one laser therapy session with Anne Penman she stopped.

‘It was like an amazing miracle,’ 66-year-old retired secretary Sandra told the paper.  ‘It was no effort whatsoever and it didn’t take any willpower!’

Another East coast success story - accountant Maggie Wood – was also delighted to share her story with the Evening Telegraph.

She quit her nicotine habit on 1st April 1997 – 28 years after her first cigarette – when she met Anne Penman.

‘The day I met Anne my life changed for the better,’ says 57-year-old Maggie who suffers from asthma.  ‘Anne and her husband Ron were there to meet me on day one and have been my source of inspiration ever since.  They supported me then and I know that support is still there 15 years later.’

Maggie, from Blairgowrie, started smoking when she was 14.

‘I was still at school and it was what everyone did.  You didn’t think about it then, you just thought it was cool,’ she says.

Over the years Maggie tried various methods but nothing worked until her laser therapy treatment.

‘When the smoking ban came into the workplace I was one of the team to oversee the transition period.  My work was very supportive and funded anyone who wanted to go to Anne.  It’s the best thing I did.’

And, Maggie says, the benefits are endless….

       ·        No standing outside in the cold or hanging around looking for a designated place to smoke

·        No smelly home, car or clothes

·        No hogs breath

·        I feel fitter and healthier

·        And best of all I can now fund my shopping addiction with the savings I have made!

 ‘I would recommend Anne’s treatment to anyone.  In fact I’m in the process of trying to talk my husband into trying it as he is struggling to give up.

‘Stopping smoking undoubtedly changed my life – it could be you too.  And hopefully I am testament to Anne’s method.  Here I am 15 years later and still smoke-free!’



Successful quitter Maggie Woods - 15 years smoke-free!