Friday, 23 March 2012


Cigarettes UP by 37p a packet after the Budget this week!
If you've thought of quitting now is the time to take ACTION.
With a packet of 20 costing the best part of £8 just think of what you could do with all that cash you would save if you QUIT.
We call it Ash Cash - and many of our successful smokers can't believe what they've managed to do with their savings.
Retired publican Betty Sweeney says: 'I just shop, shop, shop!; school janitor Marie Agnew has given her house a make-over - and been on THREE holidays; 20-year-old Gavin Somerville is saving up for a car while grandmother Anne Rouse has been smoke free for two years in April and loves spending her ash cash on her grandchildren - and on holidays.
'I used to spend over £80 a week on cigarettes - and that was two budgets ago!  Apart from feeling so much better I now enjoy spending my ash cash on treating my family.'
So what are you waiting for - start an Ash Cash fund today and just see the money mount up!

Anne Rouse and her husband are enjoying their Ash Cash savings!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Is it time for YOU to quit?
We'd like to thank lots of our success stories who are celebrating their first No Smoking Day smoke-free - I bet they feel fantastic.
Congratulations to yummy mummy Pamela Wallace; joiner John Smith; Jean Grieve; Jim Sharp; mum and daughter Isabel and Kirsty Brogan who stopped exactly a year ago today and David O'Neil to name just a few.
The last year has been busy as ever as we spread the no smoking word.
And new to our team at Anne Penman Laser Therapy are Laura Curtis and Gillean McNeill - doing a first class job getting our unique laser therapy treatment out to new clients wanting to give up - but until now haven't succeeded.
And finally on No Smoking Day 2012 I would like to congratulate Janett Tomasso, from East Kilbride,  who celebrates 20 YEARS smoke free this year.  Janett was one of my first clients and has always promoted us and told everyone how successful laser is.
We thank you Janett from the bottom of our hearts.

Janett Tomasso celebrates 20 years smoke free thanks to Anne Penman Laser Therapy!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

NO SMOKING DAY 2012 - What Kind of Smoker Are You?

From serial smokers to sneaky smokers; from the die hard to the light smoker March is the month that focuses the mind on your addiction.
No Smoking Day is tomorrow, Wednesday 14th March.  Is this the year you plan to do something about it?

'I know what it's like,' says Anne Penman,  'I was a 60-a-day smoker for over 19 years – a woman with a passion to smoke.  I quit my nicotine habit in 1991 after discovering laser therapy and since then I have made it my goal to help as many people as possible make long-term lifestyle changes.

 ‘At this time of year most smokers are beating themselves up about failing to stop after New Year and with No Smoking Day looming that adds to the pressure.   We are here to help, not lecture.’

Smokers have all kinds of excuses and reasons to smoke: they enjoy smoking, smoking helps with stress, smoking keeps their weight down, they can smoke and skip a meal, all their friends smoke and they don’t want to be the odd one out – and so it goes on.

But just think of experiencing your first evening; first morning; first day and first weekend as a non-smoker able to relax, enjoy socialising and having fun.  That's what No Smoking Day is all about - you can do it and we're here to help!