Thursday, 29 May 2014


The debate surrounding the health benefits versus risks of electronic cigarettes continues and as a smoking cessation therapist I have very strong views about e-cigs.

Anne Penman Laser Therapy and many other smoking cessation services are working hard to help smokers overcome not just a physical addiction but also a habit that controls smoker’s behaviour and I feel e-cigarettes make this even more challenging for the many smokers who want to be free of the addiction and the habit. 

Increasingly I’m finding people coming to me who are actually using both conventional cigarettes and e-cigs so it was with interest that I read this week, in Medical News Today, that researchers have warned that the dual use of both regular cigarettes and e-cigarettes is a "cause for concern".

Lead study author Dr. Andrew Nickels - of the Division of Allergy and Immunology at Mayo Clinic and a fellow of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology - and his colleagues point out that people who use e-cigarettes in public and smoke regular cigarettes at home continue to expose children and asthma sufferers to second hand smoke.

"Despite the apparent optimism surrounding e-cigarettes and their purported therapeutic role in smoking cessation, there just simply is not enough evidence to suggest that consumers should use e-cigarettes for this purpose," says Dr. Nickels.
What smokers must never forget, it’s the habit they need to beat...........their brain sees something that looks like a cigarette/feels like a cigarette and is smoked like a cigarette so it believes it IS a cigarette and for most smokers as soon as they feel stressed they are reaching for the “real fix”.



                                                                      Cut it out!


Thursday, 17 April 2014


We are delighted to welcome EIGHT new owners in the USA to the Anne Penman family.
Laurie West, Stacy Searcy, Jamie Lee Free, Mikki Mills, Dr Lisa Elias, Mike Long, Bob Shackelford and Jo Ann Smith have all trained with Anne personally - and they start 2014 with a new business - and all the passion and enthusiasm in the world.
'If you want to change direction in your career, you've been made redundant, you've always wanted to work for yourself, or if you are looking for something to complement an existing business then Anne Penman Laser Therapy is the answer,' says Anne.
'By training with us you will be ready to set up and get going - and with our back up support we are never more than an email or a phone call away.'
Certainly the new owners agree.
'When we first heard about Anne Penman Laser Therapy, we knew this could be the opportunity we were waiting for,' says Dr Lisa Elias. Lisa and her husband Mike Long trained with Anne in the States in January this year and are gearing up to welcome their first clients this month.
'We feel the center will complement my already successful cosmetic and general dentistry practice,' continues Lisa, 'and we can't wait to get started.'

Lisa and Mike on their wedding day last year.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Anne Penman Laser Therapy - here to help today - and every day of the year!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


March already and 2014 has proved to be a busy year so far.
The UK press are ever supportive of Anne Penman Laser Therapy and our success figures continue to show that we are doing something right.
The end of 2013 saw Anne with her sister Nichola and client Linda Hardie complete the 3 day trek in the States - and raise a staggering $7000 plus for breast cancer research- well done the Breast Foot Forward team.
January saw successful quitter Linda Hardie featured in Scotland's Sunday Mail newspaper - and what a difference a year has made to Linda.
She first met Anne in January 2013 - her birthday present to herself was a course of laser therapy as she wanted to quit smoking after 30 years - and not only has she succeeded, she has found a lifelong friend in Anne.
January also saw the first anniversary of Anne Penman Laser Therapy Manila - congratulations Mack and the team in the Philippines - you are doing a wonderful job.
February even saw the lovely Mr Penman get in on the publicity act!
Anne and Ron had some fun with a Valentine's Day Mr and Mrs Quiz for the Sunday Post newspaper - and scored a respectable 4.5 out of 6.
March sees Anne heading to the States for more training courses as our enquiries grow - and people realise what a wonderful business opportunity APLT is. 
We are indeed blesses to be in a business that is all about changing people's lives - for the better!

Friday, 8 November 2013


They’re on their way.

Our very own Anne Penman, successful quitter Linda Hardie and Anne’s lovely sister Nichola Gordon are en route to the States to take part in next week’s  Susan G. Komen 3-Day™ walk in San Diego to raise money for research into breast cancer.  

Linda and Anne have been training in Scotland since the spring while Nichola has been doing her solo training in Ireland.  All three have been pounding the streets in all kinds of weather.

‘We have trained for months with tears and laughter along the way,’ says mum-of-two Linda from East Kilbride, who quit smoking with Anne at the start of the year.  ‘I can’t believe we are about to embark on this amazing adventure……10 months ago I wouldn’t have walked the length of myself!’

Now the threesome – calling themselves Breast Foot Forward – are feeling very excited, ready and prepared to take up the challenge  – and a little apprehensive too.

At the end of each day of the walk they will be welcomed home to the 3-Day camp, complete with a dining tent, hot showers, pink sleeping tents, evening entertainment and various other activities and helpful resources along the camp’s “Main Street”.

‘Anne has done the walk before so knows what to expect,’ says Linda, ‘but Nichola and I are novices!

‘We’ve started our own Facebook page - Breast Foot Forward - so please follow us as our journey starts.  We will be sharing our thoughts, feelings and experiences throughout the 3 days and will welcome all motivational feedback that you can give us.

‘And of course a huge thanks to all our family and friends who have sponsored us and supported us so far – it is very much appreciated.’
The Breast Foot Forward team - l to r: Nichola, Linda and Anne




Monday, 21 October 2013


The Anne Penman name continues to grow and we’d like to welcome FOUR new owners Stateside.

·        Jamie Lee Free brings APLT to Frisco, Texas

·        Stacy Searcy and Mikki Mills open a new APLT center in Kansas City

·        Jo Anne Smith opens up APLT in the Panhandle
Jamie Lee quit  with us in June this year after 25 years as a smoker.

 I now realize that there are people just like me who need support managing their lives and I am happy to say that I believe it’s the smartest thing I’ve ever done,’ she says.  ‘helping people to stop smoking, manage stress and with weight issues is the most rewarding thing I’ve had the privilege to do.’

Stacy Searcy and Mikki Mills both have first hand experience of the benefits of laser – and quitting – and now the two mums have opened their own laser therapy center in Kansas City.

I quit smoking the hard way 10 years ago, doing it on my own,’ says mum of two Stacy.  ‘but my father, who has smoked for over 50 years, has recently quit with the help of laser therapy and that’s how I heard about the Anne Penman method.’

And finally welcome to sixty-nine-year-old Jo Ann Smith from Fort Walton Beach who has recently opened her own Anne Penman Laser Therapy Centre.

Part of a large smoking family she was diagnosed with emphysema in 1995 and quit smoking the following year.   However Jo Ann’s sister Mona continued smoking, and in December 2012, doctors discovered a small spot on her lung which was growing.  However thanks to laser therapy she has been smoke-free for almost a year now – and looking forward to a healthy future.

‘She is the reason I discovered Anne Penman.   After seeing the success of Mona  quitting I knew I simply could not pass up the opportunity to bring Anne Penman’s methods to other smokers like Mona.’

And so the Anne Penman name continues to grow worldwide!
Anne Penman treating a client in Scottish HQ!


Friday, 2 August 2013


Nathalie Augusto feels fantastic.

Twenty-three-year-old Nathalie is just about to finish a degree in marketing and a start a new venture……….introducing Anne Penman laser therapy for smoke cessation, stress and weight loss to Brazil.

‘I started smoking when I was 18,’ says Nathalie who lives in São Paulo.  ‘like all teenagers I copied my friends at parties and before I realised I was smoking 20 cigarettes a day.

‘My mother is also a smoker and although we knew it was bad for us we never had the motivation to give up,’ continues Nathalie.

Until now that is.

Nathalie’s parents were on holiday in the States recently when they read about laser therapy being used for smoking cessation.  After one session Nathalie’s mum stopped smoking.

‘I couldn’t believe it,’ continues Nathalie.  ‘I’d never heard of anything like it in Brazil but I thought if my mum can give up after 30 years smoking then it must be good.

‘That’s when we had the idea of setting up our own business and bringing laser therapy to our country.’

Now Nathalie is launching Anne Penman Laser Therapy Sao Paulo – and hopes to roll out the concept throughout Brazil.

‘I know how good I feel now that I have stopped and I want to help others,’ says Nathalie who has recently trained with Anne herself in Jacksonville, USA.

‘I think this therapy will work well here in São Paulo.  We suffer from air pollution and many other issues but people are becoming increasingly aware that good health is the basis of all things.  In Brazil there are 32 million smokers and our aim is to bring the vision of Anne Penman to this part of the world and help as many people as possible make long-term lifestyle changes.'

 Welcome BRAZIL!


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