Friday, 24 May 2013


It’s been a whirlwind few months.

TWO trips to the States, new owners in the UK – and a new arrival to the Penman clan have kept us busy!

The Anne Penman family is growing all the time, not just in the UK but globally.  With clinics recently opened in Mexico City, Brazil and Chile and enquiries from Dubai, Dominican Republic, Egypt and Jakarta, Indonesia on my desk, I think we are going to continue to be busy for the remainder of  2013!

It's all good and spreading the word worldwide has always been my aim.
At home too the business continues to expand. 

We are joined by ex-smoker Linda Jones who has just opened the newest  Anne Penman Laser Therapy clinic in Kilmarnock!

‘I had smoked since I was 16,’ says Linda, who is combining her existing  massage and beauty therapy business with the laser therapy.  ‘But 3 years ago, in January 2010, I decided it was time to quit.  I knew it wasn’t good for me and being a beauty therapist I also knew how ageing it was!’

By making that decision Linda now has a new business to show for it.

And in England we would also like to welcome Anne Penman Laser Therapy North West into the fold.  It is owned and operated by Joanne Hurst, a senior nurse with over 12 years of front line NHS experience.  Joanne’s primary interest is addiction, helping people with drugs and alcohol issues.

We are delighted to have Joanne as part of the team and already she is spreading the word about the unique benefits of laser therapy, utilising her skills and experience, in the North West of England.

In Brazil Antoni Augusto and his daughter Nathalie are opening our new location this summer and have plans to franchise the Anne Penman brand throughout Brazil while in Chile we have husband and wife duo heading up the new Anne Penman location.  Dr Felipe Tello Gracia MD and his wife Matilde Fernande Galan are opening in Santiago Chile this summer as well.

And in MEXICO CITY welcome to Cesar Suarez Fernandez.   Cesar is CEO of Mexico City’s top hospital – and now our name is above the door.
The lovely Linda Jones who has just opened Anne Penman Laser Therapy Kilmarnock.