Monday, 30 January 2012


Wow, what a busy month January has been for the Anne Penman team.  We kicked off with an article in the Daily Record - Doing It for the Kids - featuring Danielle Hewitt and her two lovely children Courtney, 10 and Scott, 6 and dad of three Steve Watson telling their stories of how they stopped smoking with us.  We were inundated with enquiries after their inspirational stories.  Next reporter Tracey Bryce from the Sunday Post tried out our laser therapy for weight loss - and voted us top!  While the Scottish Daily Mail ran a competition with us about our Stop Smoking Weekend Retreats which we are planning again for this spring.  It's now countdown to No Smoking Day in March - watch this space!

Danielle with Courtney & Scott outside Anne Penman Laser Therapy Glasgow

Friday, 6 January 2012


Happy New Year to Stella Hoey in Liverpool.
A year ago this month Stella drove from Liverpool to Bridge of Allan to attend our first ever Stop Smoking Weekend Retreat - and hasn't had a cigarette since!
Stella has also become our biggest fan south of the border and has now set up her own Anne Penman Laser Therapy business in the Wirrel.
'As a lifelong smoker I had tried everything to stop but had never managed to quit - until I met Anne,' says mum of 3 Stella.
'I put my meeting with Anne down to fate.  I was sitting in my local doctor's surgery last January and read about her Stop Smoking weekends.  I phoned the number at the end of the article, there was one on the next day so I jumped in my car and drove to Scotland.  It's the best thing I've ever done!'
Now Stella is proud to be a year long non-smoker and have her own business spreading the word.
'Although I have a full time job I felt more people should know about this amazing treatment and be benefiting from it,' says Stella, who runs a William Hill betting shop in Chester.
Her new business is up and running now and she already has one success story, dad of two Chris Parker, who is smoke-free and has never felt better.
'Since giving up smoking my lifestyle has totally changed.  I can play with my kids now without getting out of breath, I go to the gym, I eat better and can actually taste the food, my teeth always feel clean and best of all I don't smell like an ashtray!'
Last word goes to Stella, pictured below with Chris:
'I'm so passionate about this therapy.  Every smoker should have the chance to try this amazing changes lives, it certainly did mine!'

Monday, 2 January 2012


Happy New Year to everyone - Ron and I are certain it is going to be a positive, prosperous year for all of us.
We truly believe that with the right support we can achieve anything - and what better time of year to re-iterate this and wish you all a happy and healthy 2012.