Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Many holidaymakers in the UK are planning their holiday around their duty-free allowance and how many cigarettes they can bring back, and most of them are thinking and saying, once I have smoked these I will QUIT. 
If that sounds like you - and you haven't stopped smoking yet - here are some tips to prepare you for your return.

1) It's a good idea to make a plan, set your quit date no more than a week or two ahead of time, so you don't make the process too long and painful.  So if you are off on holiday set that date for immediately after your return.
2) I'm sure you are planning to take advantage of the duty free prices but DON'T bring any cigarettes home with you.
3) Make a list of all your personal reasons for quitting. I know health is the one we all think should be the top priority, but sometimes family, money, new job, a new partner can be a bigger motivation. Make it PERSONAL 
4) On holiday also keep a note of how you felt - were you out of puff walking around, did you sleep well, did you join in all the family activities or was smoking stopping you doing that
5) Be prepared - you've set that quit date for your return so now's the time to arm yourself with lots of information about quitting. Get lots of help and support, check out all the stop smoking aids available and choose one that appeals most to you. 
6) Finally - reward yourself!  Save the money that you would have spent on cigarettes - and BOOK your next holiday!

Keep a quit diary - download it here from



Friday, 24 July 2015

Electronic Cigarettes Reinforce The Smoking Habit

When we quit smoking and substitute something that looks like a cigarette, our brain believes it is a cigarette and looks for more of the same. And for many smokers, it is like hitting a pause button until we can go back to the real thing, especially when we are stressed or in the company of "real" smokers.

Becoming a happy non-smoker and staying that way involves several things: 

1.  Recovering from the physical addiction to nicotine 

2.  Re-programming our brain to accept change and set up new habits

Laser therapy can help the body recover, reduce the stress and anxiety of quitting and most of all help your body detox and get rid of the nicotine. 

If you would like more information on becoming e-cig free, please email