Friday, 23 January 2015


The most challenging thing about all addictions, especially giving up smoking, is accepting you are addicted.

Most smokers, myself included, think that one day we will decide to quit and just do it………it can’t be that hard, lots of people stop all the time.  People with less willpower than me, people who smoke more than me but as we all know when you do try to quit it is much harder and more scary then you expected.

The first hour feels like a day, the first day like a week, concentration is non-existent and you hear the little voice in your head saying………it’s not a good time to quit, I don’t really smoke that much, I will only have one or two puffs and so it goes on.

I want to reassure you that for many of us this is normal.  It’s the addiction/nicotine talking so don’t feel hopeless.  Smoking is now recognised as a major addiction that requires help, patience and understanding to quit.

Making the decision to quit is the best thing you will do. Don’t be afraid - you are not losing a friend here, you are escaping from a killer!

Get help and support.  We know from our 20+ years’ experience at Anne Penman Laser Therapy that most quitters need a physical intervention combined with counselling and on-going support to succeed.

Plan ahead - addiction hates a well organised quitter.  Change your routine.  Take one day, one hour, one minute at a time. Every time a negative thought comes into your head follow it with a positive thought.

Drink loads of water – it’s your new best friend and have healthy snacks on hand.  Raw vegetables, fruit and ice pops are great substitutes. Get moving, dance, walk, exercise, keep the endorphins flowing and look forward to your new smoke-free life!
Anne Penman uses a pain free, drug-free, harmless, cold laser beam to help smokers quit.