Monday, 21 October 2013


The Anne Penman name continues to grow and we’d like to welcome FOUR new owners Stateside.

·        Jamie Lee Free brings APLT to Frisco, Texas

·        Stacy Searcy and Mikki Mills open a new APLT center in Kansas City

·        Jo Anne Smith opens up APLT in the Panhandle
Jamie Lee quit  with us in June this year after 25 years as a smoker.

 I now realize that there are people just like me who need support managing their lives and I am happy to say that I believe it’s the smartest thing I’ve ever done,’ she says.  ‘helping people to stop smoking, manage stress and with weight issues is the most rewarding thing I’ve had the privilege to do.’

Stacy Searcy and Mikki Mills both have first hand experience of the benefits of laser – and quitting – and now the two mums have opened their own laser therapy center in Kansas City.

I quit smoking the hard way 10 years ago, doing it on my own,’ says mum of two Stacy.  ‘but my father, who has smoked for over 50 years, has recently quit with the help of laser therapy and that’s how I heard about the Anne Penman method.’

And finally welcome to sixty-nine-year-old Jo Ann Smith from Fort Walton Beach who has recently opened her own Anne Penman Laser Therapy Centre.

Part of a large smoking family she was diagnosed with emphysema in 1995 and quit smoking the following year.   However Jo Ann’s sister Mona continued smoking, and in December 2012, doctors discovered a small spot on her lung which was growing.  However thanks to laser therapy she has been smoke-free for almost a year now – and looking forward to a healthy future.

‘She is the reason I discovered Anne Penman.   After seeing the success of Mona  quitting I knew I simply could not pass up the opportunity to bring Anne Penman’s methods to other smokers like Mona.’

And so the Anne Penman name continues to grow worldwide!
Anne Penman treating a client in Scottish HQ!


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