Friday, 23 March 2012


Cigarettes UP by 37p a packet after the Budget this week!
If you've thought of quitting now is the time to take ACTION.
With a packet of 20 costing the best part of £8 just think of what you could do with all that cash you would save if you QUIT.
We call it Ash Cash - and many of our successful smokers can't believe what they've managed to do with their savings.
Retired publican Betty Sweeney says: 'I just shop, shop, shop!; school janitor Marie Agnew has given her house a make-over - and been on THREE holidays; 20-year-old Gavin Somerville is saving up for a car while grandmother Anne Rouse has been smoke free for two years in April and loves spending her ash cash on her grandchildren - and on holidays.
'I used to spend over £80 a week on cigarettes - and that was two budgets ago!  Apart from feeling so much better I now enjoy spending my ash cash on treating my family.'
So what are you waiting for - start an Ash Cash fund today and just see the money mount up!

Anne Rouse and her husband are enjoying their Ash Cash savings!

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