Thursday, 18 December 2014


Socialising is one of the things that worry new quitters at this time of the year.

Office parties, hectic schedules and all the extra stress can lead to temptation so here are some tips to help you enjoy the festive season and stay smoke free.

Plan your smoke free strategy now and you can avoid the festive pitfalls!

FOCUS on why you love being a non-smoker.  Take a minute and remind yourself why you quit and what you love about not smoking.   You smell better, you feel better, you look better – and just think of all that extra money you have to spend.

Remember our mantra - NOPE - Not One Puff Ever .  One puff can take you right back to being a smoker so just say no.

ALCOHOL  - there are two options for you.  One is to avoid alcohol completely or secondly, if you decide to drink, know your limitations and plan ahead.  Alcohol lowers your resistance so make sure you have a plan.

If you decide to avoid alcohol choose non-alcoholic drinks like soda and lime, fruit juice or sugar free drinks and ask the bar staff to pour them into a nice glass with ice and lemon so no one but you will know it’s a soft drink.

If you choose the second option make sure that every other drink is water to help dilute the alcohol and keep you hydrated.

Also make sure you have an escape route.  If it all gets too much slip off and phone a friend, take a breather or sit quietly and remind yourself how much you enjoy saying ‘no thanks I don’t smoke!’

The Anne Penman Laser Therapy Programme includes a telephone helpline and we are always there for you.  Over the festive season we will be there for you too.  We are always at the end of the phone – so if you need time out or simply a little help and encouragement pick up the phone.

We know you can do it – enjoy the this holiday season knowing you have found health and wealth! 


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