Wednesday, 23 January 2013

CAN 2013 BEAT 2012?

2012 was a great year for us – several trips to the States saw us welcome new owners to our team while in the UK we also added to the team and continued to spread the word.

The phones rang non- stop and emails flooded in – all thanks to the Dundee Evening Telegraph and two of our successful quitters.

Sandra Finan from Dundee had a 30-a-day smoking habit and it was something she never imaged capable of breaking.  However after one laser therapy session with us she stopped.

‘It was like an amazing miracle,’ 66-year-old retired secretary Sandra told the paper.  ‘It was no effort whatsoever and it didn’t take any willpower!’

Another East coast success story - accountant Maggie Wood – was also delighted to share her story with the Evening Telegraph.  She quit her nicotine habit on 1st April 1997 – 28 years after her first cigarette – when she came through to the Glasgow office.

2012 also saw us celebrate our 20th birthday.  Always up for a celebration we threw open the doors of the Glasgow centre and held a weekend long house party!

Clients and friends – old and new – turned up and much fun and laughter was heard.  On the Sunday we had another of our make-over days with snapper Jack Harper and top make-up artist Terri Craig working wonders yet again.

In October we launched our own stop smoking campaign – Zaptober – and turned some more smokers into quitters.

 ‘I thought the Stoptober campaign in England was a great idea,’ says Anne, ‘there’s always pressure on people to quit in January and then on No Smoking Day in March but the rest of the year there is nothing.  From now on every October we will be promoting Zaptober and helping the nation stub out cigarettes.’

NOVEMBER saw me was back in the States.  Las Vegas was our base and I would like to welcome some amazing new owners – Patricia, Mack, Erik, Eileen, Rachel and Bernadette.

November also saw the news that Scotland could soon see its first £10 pack of cigarettes!   Book and newspaper retailer WH Smith are already selling a pack of cigarettes for £9.99 at Glasgow Airport so you have been warned.  If ever there was a time to quit it’s when cigarettes get to £10 a packet – who would ever have thought it!

November also saw smoking in the news again…..the authors of the Million Women Study wrote in The Lancet medical journal: "Smokers lose at least 10 years of lifespan.  Although the hazards of smoking until age 40 years and then stopping are substantial, the hazards of continuing are 10 times greater."

Women aged 50 to 65 were enrolled on the study between 1996 and 2001.  They were re-surveyed three years later. Those who still smoked were almost three times more likely than non-smokers to die over the next nine years.

DECEMBER saw rock band Status Quo roll into town as part of their Quofestive 2012 tour.
And I want to let you into a secret – lead singer Francis Rossi is a fan of our laser therapy treatments!

Tina McCutcheon, who flies the flag for us in Belfast and runs her own alternative therapies clinic, is a regular visitor to the Rossi family home in London  – and Francis credits Tina for changing his mindset and certainly the Francis Rossi of the present day is a new, improved, super healthy version of his old rocking days.

Tina first met Francis back in the 1980’s and they have remained friends ever since.  
‘Francis was one of my first clients to try the laser and he loves it,’ says Tina.

‘I trust Tina implicitly and she has been looking after me and my family for the last 25 years with great success,' says this famous front man.  ‘I am prepared to try anything that will help the stress of touring and Tina is an absolute genius when it comes to pinpointing a problem – and solving it.

‘Tina has treated me with laser therapy before, but I’d never heard of laser therapy for stress but now that I’ve had a treatment I can’t believe how good I feel.’

And so 2013 promises to be as busy as ever and here’s to our continuing success – worldwide!
Anne and some of the UK team - spreading the word!




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