Saturday, 30 June 2012


June has seen much happiness and celebration in the Penman household………and a wonderful addition to the Penman clan.

Baby LUKE GRAHAM PENMAN arrived on June 14th weighing in at  9lbs 5oz ……….and what a bundle of joy he is.
Mum and dad, and Luke’s brothers Blair and Ross are all doing well and we all can’t get enough of him.

I just can’t help thinking how wonderful it is that Ron is here – and healthy – and can cuddle his first grandchild.  And talking of celebrations and enjoying life – Ron and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary at the beginning of June – and what a celebration that was. 
Because it’s not just WHEN you QUIT that changes your life – it’s the long term impact that it has on your life and Ron will be the first to admit that.

If he hadn’t stopped smoking over 20 years ago we wouldn’t have this wonderful family, these happy pictures and celebrations to share with you all.

When Ron had his first heart attack at the age of 37 we never imagined – or could believe – that he would still be here over 20 years later.  We are so happy for that blessing and that is also why we are both so passionate about what we do.

We can honestly say we have just celebrated 25 wonderful years which we thought we would never have.

Love is all around.

Anne and Ron Penman with new arrival - baby Luke

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