Friday, 6 January 2012


Happy New Year to Stella Hoey in Liverpool.
A year ago this month Stella drove from Liverpool to Bridge of Allan to attend our first ever Stop Smoking Weekend Retreat - and hasn't had a cigarette since!
Stella has also become our biggest fan south of the border and has now set up her own Anne Penman Laser Therapy business in the Wirrel.
'As a lifelong smoker I had tried everything to stop but had never managed to quit - until I met Anne,' says mum of 3 Stella.
'I put my meeting with Anne down to fate.  I was sitting in my local doctor's surgery last January and read about her Stop Smoking weekends.  I phoned the number at the end of the article, there was one on the next day so I jumped in my car and drove to Scotland.  It's the best thing I've ever done!'
Now Stella is proud to be a year long non-smoker and have her own business spreading the word.
'Although I have a full time job I felt more people should know about this amazing treatment and be benefiting from it,' says Stella, who runs a William Hill betting shop in Chester.
Her new business is up and running now and she already has one success story, dad of two Chris Parker, who is smoke-free and has never felt better.
'Since giving up smoking my lifestyle has totally changed.  I can play with my kids now without getting out of breath, I go to the gym, I eat better and can actually taste the food, my teeth always feel clean and best of all I don't smell like an ashtray!'
Last word goes to Stella, pictured below with Chris:
'I'm so passionate about this therapy.  Every smoker should have the chance to try this amazing changes lives, it certainly did mine!'

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